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Bhalchandra Pujari

Bhalchandra  Pujari
UGC - Assistant Professor    

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I am an Assistant Professor selected under University Grant Commission's (UGC) Faculty Recharge Programme (FRP). I have been hosted at the Centre since June 2013.

Prior to joining the Centre I finished three years of post-doctoral work at University of Alberta, Canada (2010-12) and at University of Nebraska - Lincoln, USA (2012-13). I have a Ph.D. in Physics from University of Pune, India (2010).

I have my special interests in computational materials science and photography!

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My research work is broadly categorized in the field of Computational Material Science. In particular my interests are in:
  • Complex magnetic interactions in random alloys
  • Photocatalytic water splitting
  • Solid state nudge elastic band
  • Electronic structure calculations of novel materials
  • Carbon allotropes, especially graphene and graphAne


h-index : 8
Articles : 20       Citations : 194 *

* As of Aug 2015

List of publications.

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Academic year: 2014-15

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07 Apr 2016 Grant proposal accepted A grant proposal to SPPU-PennState Center has been accepted in collaboration with Prof Aman Haq.
08 July 2015 Paper accepted in Physical Review Letters. "Ab initio construction of magnetic phase diagrams in alloys: The case of Fe1−xMnxPt"; B. S. Pujari, P. Larson, V. P. Antropov, K. D. Belashchenko, arXiv:1501.02794 [2015]



I will update this section soon. In the mean time please follow me on Google+

Everything else
When I am not working I keep myself busy in bird-watching, writing shell scripts, trekking and above all photographing!
Sometime I also post a blog or two on my travel.

आणि हो, कधी-मधी मराठीतुन चार ओळी खरडत असतो!

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