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Hi ! Welcome to My Page.

My native place is Kailasnagar, Tal : Junner, Dist : Pune. I completed my all education (from primary to graduation) from Shirur(Ghodnadi), Pune. I came to Pune in 2001, for doing M. Sc. (Physics) from University of Pune. After completing M. Sc. (Physics) I did M. Phil (Physics) and Ph. D. (Physics) from Pune University, under the guidance of Dr. Arun Banpurkar. My research area is Soft Condensed Matter.

I am also working as a System Administrator for Center for Modeling and Simulation, where I am looking after the High Performance Computing (HPC) facility of University of Pune, Pune. Also I am looking the University Department physics's server.

about my research

We study the generalized diffusion-limited aggregates (GDLA), with two seeds placed at distance d lattice units and investigate the probability p(d) that the aggregates generated from those seeds get connected. Here a parameter ${alpha} is varied to get a range of morphologies from fractal to compact one. For fractal aggregates, p(d) decays rapidly with d, while for compact ones, the decay is so slow that p(d) is approximatly equal to 1 for all practical distances. We experimentally demonstrate similar behavior for viscous fingering patterns with two injection points and electrochemical deposits grown on two cathodes. Our observations along with previous results on competitive growth suggest a common underlying principle.

Summary of Experience

  • Around 5 years experience in developing scientific software, simulations and modeling.
  • Experience in developing numerical methods based codes for variety of applications like solving differential equations, interpolation etc.
  • Published 3 research articles on Aggregation model and its applications and Scaling theory.
  • Experience in teaching courses like Numerical methods, thermodynamics at Physics Departments of University of Pune (PG level) and S. P. College, Pune (UG level).
  • Programming skills in C, FORTRAN and FORTRAN 90/95.
  • Working as a system administrator for University Department of Physics and Center for modeling and simulation.

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