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A Spherical-Horse Model of Mihir
A Spherical-Horse Model of Mihir
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I am an academic at the Centre for Modeling and Simulation, Savitribai Phule Pune University. Here, I helped create several academic programmes in modeling and simulation; namely, this, and this, and their subsequent revisions. A conference article about this curriculum design experiment is available here and here.

At the Centre, over the years, I have taught courses on probability theory, statistical inference, advanced data analysis methods, stochastic simulation / monte carlo methods, R statistical computing environment, numerical computing, optimization, etc.

My broad research focus is on the development (or apt and meaningful use) of statistical and computuational methodologies for data-intensive science. Focus area are astrostatistics (radio astronomy in particular) and computational biology (genomic sequence analysis in particular). Mihir@ CMS | ResearchGate | Scholar | arXiv | ORCiD | LinkedIn
Most fields of knowledge (and science in particular) have grown increasingly data-rich over the past few decades. The complexity of scientific questions being addressed has also increased rapidly. Indeed, 21st century science has been aptly described as "large data sets, complex questions" science (Bradley Efron, foreword to this book).

The use of statistics is inevitable because of the inherent uncertainties in data, whereas computation is unavoidable because of data size, methodological intricasies, and model complexity. What often helps address complex problems is fresh ways of looking at the problem and the available data, coupled with apt use of statistical and computational methodologies.

My approach and outlook is imminently inter-/multi-disciplinary (where problems are domain-specific, and the methodologies are statistical and computational) and problem-centric (where methods are devised or adopted to suit the problem being addressed, and not vice versa).
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Transit of Venus 6 June 2012

Transit of Venus 6 June 2012

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