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Sukratu Barve

Assistant Professor,
Applied Mathematics
Centre for Modeling and Simulation.

M.Tech.(Materials Science)
Indian Institute of Technology(Powai) in 1995

Ph.D. (Physics)
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (University of Mumbai) in 2002
Thesis was titled "Gravitational Collapse" and its work was carried out under the supervision of Prof. T.P.Singh .


Researchers whose work inspired me to pursue the above:
Sir Roger Penrose
Rudolf Haag
Robert M. Wald
Wolfgang Junker
S.V. Dhurandhar


Conferences & Meetings

Invited Talks




Interdisciplinary Work

Academic Duty

I have been looking after Computer Aided Engineering work, especially Computational Fluid Dynamics at The Centre for Modeling and Simulation since 2008. This group was started by Prof. V. Sundararajan of C-DAC Pune and Prof. K. C. Sharma of Dept. of Space and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Pune. We share our resources and activities in the subgroup CAE of the group CMS@UoP on LinkedIn.

Academic Supervision

I have guided five students towards their Masters Projects in Scientific Computing.
I have also been the internal guide for several M.Tech and Diploma students in Modeling and Simulation for their course projects.

Ph.D. Examination

Functioned as a part of a Ph.D. thesis committee in Complex Systems (M. Ali Saif in 2010)

Functioned as co-guide for thesis work in coupled map lattices (Abhijit Sonawane 2010)

Administrative and Developmental Work


Personal Page

Access can be obtained by writing to Sukratu at the address sukratu_AT_cms_DOT_unipune_DOT_ernet_DOT_in (DISCLAIMER: Contents of informal pages may include personal views.)