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Technical Report/s

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TR-20190929 Adsorption of Na atom on mono-layer gallenene Mohammad Ubaid, A. Aziz, and Bhalchandra S. Pujari Journal
TR-20190712 First principle study of In/Ga-doped phosphorene Mohammad Ubaid, Bhalchandra S. Pujari, and A. Aziz Journal
TR-20150728 Ab Initio Construction of Magnetic Phase Diagrams in Alloys: The Case of Fe1-xMnxPt Bhalchandra Pujari, P. Larson, V. P. Antropov, and K. D. Belashchenko [2.6M pdf]
TR-20100918 A systematic study of electronic structure from graphene to graphane Prachi Chandrachud, Bhalchandra S. Pujari, Soumyajyoti Haldar, Biplab Sanyal, and D. G. Kanhere Journal
TR-20091105 Density Functional Investigations of Defect-Induced Mid-Gap States in Graphane Bhalchandra S. Pujari, and D. G. Kanhere. [3.0M pdf]
TR-20080917 Impurity effects on the electronic structure of square quantum dots: A full configuration- interaction study Bhalchandra S. Pujari, Kavita Joshi, D. G. Kanhere, and S. A. Blundell [1.2M pdf]

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