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TR-20201208 Resource dependency and survivability in complex networks Madhusudan Ingale, Snehal M. Shekatkar Journal
TR-20200316 Multi-city modeling of epidemics using spatial networks: Application to 2019-nCov (COVID-19) coronavirus in India Bhalchandra S. Pujari, Snehal M. Shekatkar [1.3M pdf]
TR-20200104 Shifts of the Prime Divisor Function of Alladi and Erdős Snehal M. Shekatkar, Tian An Wong Journal
TR-20190929 Adsorption of Na atom on mono-layer gallenene Mohammad Ubaid, A. Aziz, and Bhalchandra S. Pujari Journal
TR-20190925 Do zealots increase or decrease the polarization of social networks? Snehal M. Shekatkar Journal
TR-20190712 First principle study of In/Ga-doped phosphorene Mohammad Ubaid, Bhalchandra S. Pujari, and A. Aziz Journal
TR-20190711 Ab-initio electronic structure of corrugated graphene and adsorption of water molecule on corrugated graphene Nilakantha Tripathy, Bhalchandra S Pujari Journal
TR-20190612 Copper (II)-coordination polymer based on a sulfonic-carboxylic ligand exhibits high water-facilitated proton conductivity. S. B. Tayade, R. lllathvalappil, V. Lapalikar, D. Markad, S. Kurungot, Bhalchandra Pujari, and Avinash S. Kumbhar Journal
TR-20180918 Biases in prime factorizations and Liouville functions for arithmetic progressions Peter Humphries, Snehal M. Shekatkar, and Tian An Wong Journal
TR-20180619 Importance of initial conditions in the polarization of complex networks Snehal M. Shekatkar, Sukratu Barve Journal
TR-20180216 Segregation of nanoparticles by electrophoretic deposition technique: a mathematical model and its validation. Harshada A. Babrekar, Sukratu Barve, Tejashree Bhave, and S. Bhoraskar Contact author(s)
TR-20171231 Recent trends in antimicrobial peptide prediction using machine learning techniques Yash Shah, Deepak Sehgal, and VK Jayaraman Journal
TR-20171103 Assessing the Purity of CNT From its Composite With Polymer - A New Approach J. C. Maurya, Soumen Karmakar, Sukratu Barve, S. V. Bhoraskar, A. K. Das, and V. L. Mathe Contact author(s)
TR-20171102 Microfluidics: Mathematical Modeling for Device Design Sukratu Barve [378K pdf]
TR-20171024 Quantifying weak non-thermal solar radio emission at low radio frequencies Rohit Sharma, Divya Oberoi, and Mihir Arjunwadkar arXiv
TR-20171005 Sabot discard: Effect of scoop shape Sukratu Barve Contact author/s
TR-20170912 AllerBase: a comprehensive allergen knowledgebase Kiran Kadam, Rajiv Karbhal, VK Jayaraman, Sangeeta Sawant, and Urmila Kulkarni-Kale Journal
TR-20170331 Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship study of the Anti-Hepatitis Peptides employing Random Forests and Extra-trees regressors Gunjan Mishra, Deepak Sehgal, and VK Jayaraman Journal
TR-20170327 Proton conduction in a hydrogen-bonded complex of copper(II)-bipyridine glycoluril nitrate Sakharam B. Tayade, Vishal M. Dhavale, Avinash S. Kumbhar, Sreekumar Kurungot, Peter Lönnecke, Evamarie Hey-Hawkin, and Bhalchandra Pujari Journal
TR-20160702 Analytical models for Shot Start Pressure and Bore Resistance in Missile Launchers firing Sabot Discarding Munitions Sukratu Barve Contact author(s)
TR-20160701 Analysis of Electrokinetic Properties of NiFe2O4 Nanoparticles Synthesized by dc Thermal Plasma Route and its Use in Adsorption of Humic Substances S.V. Bhosale, Deepak Bankar, S.V. Bhoraskar, and V.L. Mathe Journal
TR-20160515 Neutron stars in the light of SKA: Data, statistics, and science Mihir Arjunwadkar, Akanksha Kashikar, and Manjari Bagchi Journal
TR-20160209 Core and Conal Component Analysis of Pulsar B1933+16 – Investigation of the Segregated Modes Dipanjan Mitra, Joanna Rankin, and Mihir Arjunwadkar arXivJournal
TR-20160208 Clouds–SST relationship and interannual variability modes of Indian summer monsoon in the context of clouds and SSTs: observational and modelling aspects Hemantkumar S Chaudhari, Samir Pokhrel, Ajay Kulkarni, Anupam Hazra, and Subodh Kumar Saha External Link
TR-20160122 Constraints on just enough inflation preceded by a thermal era Suratna Das, Gaurav Goswami, Jayanti Prasad, and Raghavan Rangarajan External Link
TR-20150728 Ab Initio Construction of Magnetic Phase Diagrams in Alloys: The Case of Fe1-xMnxPt Bhalchandra Pujari, P. Larson, V. P. Antropov, and K. D. Belashchenko [2.6M pdf]
TR-20150402 Receding propellant burning surface and Lagrange gradient: An analytical solution Sukratu Barve See Contact
TR-20150223 Polarized quasiperiodic structures in pulsar radio emission reflect temporal modulations of non-stationary plasma flow Dipanjan Mitra, Mihir Arjunwadkar, and Joanna Rankin arXivJournal
TR-20150216 Neutron Star Physics in the SKA Era: An Indian Perspective Sushan Konar, Mihir Arjunwadkar, Manjari Bagchi, Debades Bandyopadhyaya, Dipankar Bhattacharya, Sudip Bhattacharyya, Poonam Chandra, R. T. Gangadhara, A. Gopakumar, Yashwant Gupta, B. C. Joshi, Yogesh Maan, Biswajit Paul Link
TR-20150210 Hybrid ACO Chaos-Assisted Support Vector Machines for Classification of Medical Datasets Gunjan Mishra, Vivek Ananth, Kalpesh Shelke, Deepak Sehgal, and VK Jayaraman Proceedings
TR-20150103 Interior Ballistics II: A Basic Model for Balloting of a Projectile Launcher System Alok Sawant, Shrishail Dhaware, Swanand Kesari, and Jaydeep Khajure See Contact
TR-20150102 Interior Ballistics I: A Basic Model for Energetics of a Projectile Launcher System Alok Sawant, Rahul Gandhi, and Rahul Gaikwad See Contact
TR-20141211 Unveiling acoustic physics of the CMB using nonparametric estimation of the temperature angular power spectrum for Planck Amir Aghamousa, Arman Shafieloo, Mihir Arjunwadkar, and Tarun Souradeep arXivJournal
TR-20141125 Atomically detailed lipid bilayer models for the interpretation of small angle neutron and X-ray scattering data Joseph C. Fogarty, Mihir Arjunwadkar, Sagar A. Pandit, and Jianjun Pan Journal
TR-20140501 The structure function of Galactic H I opacity fluctuations on au scales based on MERLIN, VLA and VLBA data Prasun Dutta, Jayaram N. Chengalur, Nirupam Roy, W. M. Goss, Mihir Arjunwadkar, Anthony H. Minter, Crystal L. Brogan, and T. J. W. Lazio Journal
TR-20140207 Glitch statistics of radio pulsars : multiple populations Sushan Konar, and Mihir Arjunwadkar arXiv
TR-20140113 Model-independent forecasts of CMB angular power spectra for the Planck mission Amir Aghamousa, Mihir Arjunwadkar, and Tarun Souradeep [2.7M pdf]Journal
TR-20131212 Probing nulling in milli-second pulsars Kaustubh Rajwade, Mihir Arjunwadkar, and Yashwant Gupta Journal
TR-20131211 Inferring pulsar null fraction using gaussian mixtures Mihir Arjunwadkar, Kaustubh Rajwade, and Yashwant Gupta Journal
TR-20131210 Inferring a characteristic timescale for pulsar microstructure Mihir Arjunwadkar, Dipanjan Mitra, and Joanna Rankin Journal
TR-20131209 Tuning an antenna array to perform as a sensitive single dish Mihir Arjunwadkar, and Dipanjan Mitra Journal
TR-20130919 Transition to almost periodic patterns in circle map with delay: Persistence as order parameter Bhagat Lal Dutta, and Prashant M. Gade Journal
TR-20130821 Hybrid feature selection and peptide binding affinity prediction using an EDA based algorithm Kalpesh Shelke, Shrikant Jayaraman, Shameek Ghosh, and VK Jayaraman Proceedings
TR-20130711 Dynamic transitions in Domany-Kinzel cellular automata on small-world network Ashwini V. Mahajan, M. Ali Saif, and Prashant M. Gade [394K pdf]
TR-20130415 Noise Kernel for Self-similar Tolman Bondi Metric: Fluctuations on Cauchy Horizon Seema Satin, Kinjalk Lochan, and Sukratu Barve JournalarXiv
TR-20130227 Interaction of a carbon atom on small platinum clusters and its effects on hydrogen binding Vasudeo P. Babar, S. Jaiswal, and Vijay Kumar, Journal
TR-20121226 From nonparametric power spectra to inference about cosmological parameters: A random walk in the cosmological parameter space Amir Aghamousa, Mihir Arjunwadkar, and Tarun Souradeep arXiv
TR-20121224 One size does not fit all: On how Markov model order dictates performance of genomic sequence analyses Leelavati Narlikar, Nidhi Mehta, Sanjeev Galande, and Mihir Arjunwadkar Journal
TR-20120705 Dynamic Optimization of Fed Batch Reactors using Biogeography-Based Optimization Sarvesh Nikumbh, Shameek Ghosh, Mahesh Chindhe, and VK Jayaraman Book Chapter
TR-20120509 Biogeography-Based Informative Gene Selection and Cancer Classification Using SVM and Random Forests Sarvesh Nikumbh, Shameek Ghosh, and VK Jayaraman arXivProceedings
TR-20111030 Mining Patterns from Atomic Structure Data using PARAMINER : Preliminary Results Sarvesh Nikumbh See Contact
TR-20110930 Distributed Air Traffic Control : A Human Safety Perspective Sarvesh Nikumbh, Joeprakash Nathaman, and Rahul Vartak arXiv
TR-20110901 Direct band gap opening in graphene by BN doping: Ab initio calculations Prashant P. Shinde, and Vijay Kumar [1.2M pdf]
TR-20110808 Metallic clusters on a model surface: Quantum versus geometric effects S. A. Blundell, Soumyajyoti Haldar, and D. G. Kanhere [593K pdf]
TR-20110705 Depletion of energy from naked singular regions during gravitational collapse S. Jhingan, I. H. Dwivedi, and Sukratu Barve. [137K pdf]
TR-20110704 Evolution of the CMB power spectrum across WMAP data releases: A nonparametric analysis Amir Aghamousa, Mihir Arjunwadkar, and Tarun Souradeep arXivJournal
TR-20110531 Regression Based Equities Price Prediction Narayana Darapaneni, Sharvari Shukla, and Priyadarshee Sukhwal See Contact
TR-20110401 Predicting odor concentration from mass spectra using random forests A.M. Bhagwat, J. Van Durme, VK Jayaraman, Mihir Arjunwadkar, and B. De Baets See Contact
TR-20110224 Development and Analytical Treatment of 3-D Passive Mixromixer for Enhanced Microfluidics Reactions Suresh Gosavi, Aniket Tekawade, Dhananjay Bodas, Sukratu Barve, Laurent Robert, and Chantal Khan-Malek Proceedings
TR-20110221 Dynamic Phase Transition from Localized to Spatiotemporal Chaos in Coupled Circle Map with Feedback Abhijeet R. Sonawane, and Prashant M. Gade arXivJournal
TR-20100929 Gd@Au15: A Magic Magnetic Gold Cluster for Cancer Therapy and Bioimaging Brahm Deo Yadav, and Vijay Kumar [359K pdf]
TR-20100918 A systematic study of electronic structure from graphene to graphane Prachi Chandrachud, Bhalchandra S. Pujari, Soumyajyoti Haldar, Biplab Sanyal, and D. G. Kanhere Journal
TR-20100706 Transition from Clustered State to Spatiotemporal Chaos in a Small-World Networks Ashwini V. Mahajan, and Prashant M. Gade [1.2M pdf]
TR-20100519 Directed Percolation Criticality Due to Stochastic Switching Between Attractive and Repulsive Coupling in Coupled Circle Maps Abhijeet R. Sonawane [2.9M pdf]
TR-20100114 Global Regulator SATB1 Recruits β-Catenin and Regulates TH2 Differentiation in Wnt-Dependent Manner Dimple Notani, Kamalvishnu P. Gottimukkala, Ranveer S. Jayani, Amita S. Limaye, Madhujit V. Damle, Sameet Mehta, Prabhat Kumar Purbey, Jomon Joseph, and Sanjeev Galande [1.4M pdf]
TR-20091105 Density Functional Investigations of Defect-Induced Mid-Gap States in Graphane Bhalchandra S. Pujari, and D. G. Kanhere. [3.0M pdf]
TR-20091102 Dynamic Phase Transition in Prisoner's Dilemma on a Lattice with Stochastic Modifications M. Ali Saif, and Prashant M. Gade arXiv
TR-20090921 Electronic structure and magnetic properties of Ni3nAln clusters Vaishali Shah, and D. G. Kanhere. [577K pdf]
TR-20090722 Calculus on Fractal Curves in R^n Abhay Parvate, Seema Satin, and A. D. Gangal arXiv
TR-20090715 Prisoner's Dilemma with Semi-Synchronous Updates: Evidence for a First Order Phase Transition M. Ali Saif, and Prashant M. Gade [2.5M pdf]
TR-20090205 Stability of gold cages (Au16 and Au17) at finite temperature Prachi Chandrachud, Kavita Joshi, Sailaja Krishnamurty, and D. G. Kanhere [229K pdf]
TR-20090130 Effects of Introduction of New Resources and Fragmentation of Existing Resources on Limiting Wealth Distribution in Asset Exchange Models M. Ali Saif, and Prashant M. Gade [1.5M pdf]
TR-20080917 Impurity effects on the electronic structure of square quantum dots: A full configuration- interaction study Bhalchandra S. Pujari, Kavita Joshi, D. G. Kanhere, and S. A. Blundell [1.2M pdf]
TR-20080908 Calculus on Fractal Subsets of Real Line - I : Formulation Abhay Parvate, and A. D. Gangal See [Notes]
TR-20071220 Thermodynamics of carbon-doped Al and Ga clusters: Ab initio molecular dynamics simulations Prachi Chandrachud, Kavita Joshi, and D. G. Kanhere Journal
TR-20070919 Electronic structure of spherical quantum dots using coupled cluster method Ideh Heidari, Sourav Pal, B. S. Pujari, and D. G. Kanhere [448K pdf]
TR-20070824 Electronic structure of many-electron square-well quantum dots with and without an attractive impurity: Spin-density-functional theory Bhalchandra Pujari, Kavita Joshi, D. G. Kanhere, and S. A. Blundell [2.3M pdf]
TR-20070518 Power-Law Persistence Characterizes Traveling Waves in Coupled Circle Maps with Repulsive Coupling Prashant M. Gade, D. V. Senthilkumar, Sukratu Barve, and Sudeshna Sinha [3.9M pdf]
TR-20070501 Segregation of fractal aggregates grown from two seeds Deepak N. Bankar, Prashant M. Gade, A. V. Limaye, and A. G. Banpurkar [2.6M pdf]
TR-20070421 Emergence of Power Law in a Market with Mixed Models Prashant M. Gade, and M. Ali Saif [743K pdf]
TR-20070417 Rotating Cylindrical Collapse: An Example Sukratu Barve, Sanjay Jhingan, and A. R. Prasanna See Contact
TR-20070403 MicroRNA Profiling of Developing and Regenerating Pancreas Reveal Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Neurogenin3 Mugdha V. Joglekar, Vishal S. Parekh, Sameet Mehta, Ramesh R. Bhonde, and Anandwardhan A. Hardikar [644K pdf]
TR-20061127 Density Functional Investigation of the Interaction of Acetone with Small Gold Clusters Ghazal S. Shafai, Sharan Shetty, Sailaja Krishnamurty, Vaishali Shah, and D. G. Kanhere [538K pdf]
TR-20061117 Dopant-Induced Stabilization of Silicon Clusters at Finite Temperature Shahab Zorriasatein, Kavita Joshi, and D. G. Kanhere [657K pdf]
TR-20061023 Geometry, Electronic Properties, and Thermodynamics of Pure and Al-Doped Li Clusters Mal-Soon Lee, S. Gowtham, Haiying He, Kah-Chun Lau, Lin Pan, and D. G. Kanhere [448K pdf]
TR-20061009 Synchronization in a Network of Model Neurons Maruthi Pradeep Kanth Jampa, Abhijeet R. Sonawane, Prashant M. Gade, and Sudeshna Sinha [167K pdf]
TR-20060508 Structure, Electronic Properties, and Magnetic Transition in Manganese Clusters Mukul Kabir, Abhijit Mookerjee, and D. G. Kanhere [1.1M pdf]
TR-20051230 "Magic Melters" Have Geometrical Origin Kavita Joshi, Sailaja Krishnamurty, and D. G. Kanhere [414K pdf]
TR-20051213 Scaling and Universality in Transition to Synchronous Chaos with Local-Global Interactions Prashant M. Gade, and Chin-Kun Hu [228K pdf]
TR-20051108 Finite-Temperature Behavior of Small Silicon and Tin Clusters: An Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Study Sailaja Krishnamurty, Kavita Joshi, and D. G. Kanhere [235K pdf]
TR-20051027 Size-Sensitive Melting Characteristics of Gallium Clusters: Comparison of Experiment and Theory for Ga17+ and Ga20+ Sailaja Krishnamurty, S. Chacko, D. G. Kanhere, G. A. Breaux, C. M. Neal, and M. F. Jarrold [329K pdf]
TR-20050927 How Crucial is Small World Connectivity for Dynamics? Prashant M. Gade, and Sudeshna Sinha [358K pdf]
TR-20050829 First-Principles Investigation of Finite-Temperature Behavior in Small Sodium Clusters Mal-Soon Lee, S. Chacko, and D. G. Kanhere [134K pdf]
TR-20050706 Dynamic Transitions in Small World Networks: Approach to Equilibrium Limit Prashant M. Gade, and Sudeshna Sinha [145K pdf]
TR-20050504 Ab Initio Density-Functional Study of the Equilibrium Geometries and the Electronic Properties of Li10-nSnn (n = 0–10) Clusters Mal-Soon Lee, D. G. Kanhere, and Kavita Joshi [438K pdf]
TR-20050221 Large Magnetic Moments and Anomalous Exchange Coupling in As-Doped Mn Clusters Mukul Kabir, D. G. Kanhere, and Abhijit Mookerjee [288K pdf]
TR-20050201 First Principles Calculations of Melting Temperatures for Free Na Clusters S. Chacko, D. G. Kanhere, and S. A. Blundell [270K pdf]
TR-20050117 Fractal Differential Equations and Fractal-Time Dynamical Systems Abhay Parvate, and A. D. Gangal [267K pdf]
TR-20041020 Structures, Energetics, and Magnetic Properties of NinB Clusters with n=1–8,12 Mrinalini Deshpande, D. G. Kanhere, and Ravindra Pandey [607K pdf]
TR-20031211 Why Do Gallium Clusters Have a Higher Melting Point than the Bulk? S. Chacko, Kavita Joshi, D. G. Kanhere, and S. A. Blundell [162K pdf]
TR-20030915 Evolution of the Structural and Bonding Properties of Aluminum-Lithium Clusters S. Chacko, D. G. Kanhere, and V. V. Paranjape [786K pdf]


Document Title Author/s Download
TH-20130914 Cosmological Parameter Estimation: New Methodologies for Better Inference Amir Aghamousa See Contact
TH-20130331 Thermodynamics, Geometry and Electronic Structure of Confined Systems Prachi Chandrachud [10M pdf]
TH-20120416 Study of Aggregation Models, Cluster Connectivity and Kinetics of Surface Roughening in Pulsed Laser Deposited Thin Films Deepak Bankar [31K pdf]
TH-20110218 Dynamical Phases and Related Phase Transitions in Coupled Map Lattices Abhijeet R. Sonawane [48K pdf]
TH-20091001 Calculus on Fractals Subsets of Real Line: Formulation, Techniques and Applications in Physics Abhay Parvate See Contact
TH-20081031 Computational analysis of primary sequence patterns in the human genome linked with regulation of gene expression and chromatin organization Sameet Mehta [13M pdf]

Public Document/s

Document Title Author/s Download
PD-20190701 Master of Technology (M.Tech.) Programme in Modeling and Simulation 2019 Core Curriculum Team and Contributors [621K pdf]
PD-20180701 Master of Technology (M.Tech.) Programme in Modeling and Simulation 2018 Core Curriculum Team and Contributors [566K pdf]
PD-20160121 Master of Technology (M.Tech.) Programme in Modeling and Simulation 2016 Core Curriculum Team and Contributors [575K pdf]
PD-20120305 Master of Technology (M.Tech.) in Modeling and Simulation Abhay Parvate, Sukratu Barve, P. M. Gade, Dilip G. Kanhere, Sheelan Chowdhary, Deepak Bankar, and Anjali Kshirsagar [524K pdf]
PD-20120121 The Making of An Academic Programme in Modeling and Simulation Mihir Arjunwadkar, and Abhijat Vichare [229K pdf]Proceedings
PD-20081204 Rise and Decline of India's State University System: Neglect, Design, or Neglect by Design? Dilip G. Kanhere, Mihir Arjunwadkar, and Abhijat M. Vichare [200K pdf]
PD-20080218 Centre for Modeling and Simulation: Excellence in Academics, Research, and Outreach (2003-08 Final Report Submitted to the UGC) Mihir Arjunwadkar, Abhay Parvate, and Dilip G. Kanhere [395K pdf]
[794K ps.gz]
PD-20070416 Proposed UoP Mission Document: Is It Realistic Enough To Be Useful? Dilip G. Kanhere, and Mihir Arjunwadkar [180K pdf]
[311K ps]
PD-20070316 Centre for Modeling and Simulation: Excellence in Academics, Research, and Outreach (2003-07 Interim Report Submitted to the UGC) Dilip G. Kanhere, Mihir Arjunwadkar, Abhay Parvate, Sukratu Barve, and P. M. Gade [282K pdf]
[497K ps]
PD-20070223 Master of Technology (M.Tech.) Programme in Modeling and Simulation Mihir Arjunwadkar, Abhay Parvate, Sukratu Barve, P. M. Gade, and Dilip G. Kanhere [597K pdf]
[671K ps.gz]
PD-20050502 Advanced Diploma Programme in Modeling and Simulation Mihir Arjunwadkar, Dilip G. Kanhere, and P. M. Gade [254K pdf]
[413K ps]

Outreach Document/s

Document Title Author/s Download
OD-20161102 On finding the shortest distance of a point from a line: Which method do you prefer? Bhalchandra Gore Journal
OD-20160128 ध्यास खेडोपाडी भारतीय रागसंगीताच्या प्रसाराचा !
Interview (in Marathi) of musician and enterpreneur
Vidur Mahajan
Vikas Kashid Link
OD-20150706 Teaching mathematical modeling to biologists: Breaking barriers, building bridges Mihir Arjunwadkar, Bhalchandra Pujari, and Bhalchandra Gore See Contact
OD-20120606 शुक्राचं अधिक्रमण – ६ जून २०१२
Marathi translation of the science comic book
Transit of Venus – 6 June 2012
Niruj Mohan Ramanujam, Reshma Barve, and Mihir Arjunwadkar [6.0M pdf]

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