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/ˈbərdiNG/ Noun
The observation of birds in their natural habitats as a hobby.

I spend most of my free time going bird watching! I have been doing it since childhood, but have started documenting my birding adventures since 2008. I have birded mostly in the wilderness of Nebraska (USA), Alberta (Canada) and of course Maharashtra (India).

Main part of my birding is the photography. I love photographing the birds in their environment. In order to sort out hundreds of photos that I take, I have created a Personal Bird Catalog which helps me organize my stuff a bit. The program is available here for free.

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Personal Bird Catalog

Personal Bird Catalog is the result of the necessity to organize the tons of pictures that I take as I go birding. The catalog keeps a few representative pictures of every species that I have photographed. Here I would like to make this program available to public. Feel free to download and use it. And if you find it helpful do drop me an email!


Browser Window
Screenshot of main window.

Adder Window
Screenshot of window that lets you add more pictures

Copyright and all that

I believe in open source philosophy. So the program is available for free under GPL. You are free to distribute the copies but make sure to keep the LICENSE file intact.
Please also note that the program does not come with any warranty or guarantee of any kind.

You can help!

Even a casual look at the program will reveal that it is done in an amateurish way! That is correct. It was taken-up as an assignment in Python and Python-GUI. I am planning to work on an improvised version. Please let me know if you want to volunteer!

What does it do?

It is a comprehensive tool to manage your photographic collection of birds. It helps create and maintain a photographic database of the bird species you have seen. Some of the things it does:

  • Creates a collection of photographs based on the name of the species
  • Gives the information of a species based on an in-built database containing information of more than 10,000 birds from all across the globe.
  • Displays common name, scientific name and conservation status (whenever available)
  • Supports customized notes for individual species
  • Smart spelling corrections during search operations

What it does NOT do!

Please note that this program will NOT help you identify the birds. Neither will it show a picture of a desired bird. YOU are suppose to identify the bird and upload it to the catalog. It it will help you to organize your collection. You should be able to access the picture of a certain species that YOU have taken.


Version 1.0 beta (July 2013)
Program comes with some sample pictures to begin with.

Before you download

Before you proceed with the download you should know that there are a couple of things that you have to have on your computer:

Please use python 2.7. version. Version 3.0+ is not supported.
Linux users may find both these things in their repository.


There is nothing much to install. Make sure that you have Python and Pyside installed. Then download the zip file, unzip it and look for PersonalBirdCatalog.py . If you are a Windows user double click on it. If you are Linux user open the terminal and use:
     python PersonalBirdCatalog.py

This should launch the program, displaying some sample pictures.

Birds of Pune University

I have been birding in Pune University (or University of Pune) since my PhD days. Here is a general list of birds that I have seen at least once in the university. The list is in no particular order. Some of the observations are also reported on eBird.org. They are listed on the right hand side.

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