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TR-20061023 Geometry, Electronic Properties, and Thermodynamics of Pure and Al-Doped Li Clusters Mal-Soon Lee, S. Gowtham, Haiying He, Kah-Chun Lau, Lin Pan, and D. G. Kanhere [448K pdf]
TR-20050829 First-Principles Investigation of Finite-Temperature Behavior in Small Sodium Clusters Mal-Soon Lee, S. Chacko, and D. G. Kanhere [134K pdf]
TR-20050504 Ab Initio Density-Functional Study of the Equilibrium Geometries and the Electronic Properties of Li10-nSnn (n = 0–10) Clusters Mal-Soon Lee, D. G. Kanhere, and Kavita Joshi [438K pdf]

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