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Technical Report/s

Document Title Author/s Download
TR-20180619 Importance of initial conditions in the polarization of complex networks Snehal M. Shekatkar, Sukratu Barve Journal
TR-20180216 Segregation of nanoparticles by electrophoretic deposition technique: a mathematical model and its validation. Harshada A. Babrekar, Sukratu Barve, Tejashree Bhave, and S. Bhoraskar Contact author(s)
TR-20171103 Assessing the Purity of CNT From its Composite With Polymer - A New Approach J. C. Maurya, Soumen Karmakar, Sukratu Barve, S. V. Bhoraskar, A. K. Das, and V. L. Mathe Contact author(s)
TR-20171102 Microfluidics: Mathematical Modeling for Device Design Sukratu Barve [378K pdf]
TR-20171005 Sabot discard: Effect of scoop shape Sukratu Barve Contact author/s
TR-20160702 Analytical models for Shot Start Pressure and Bore Resistance in Missile Launchers firing Sabot Discarding Munitions Sukratu Barve Contact author(s)
TR-20150402 Receding propellant burning surface and Lagrange gradient: An analytical solution Sukratu Barve See Contact
TR-20150103 Interior Ballistics II: A Basic Model for Balloting of a Projectile Launcher System Alok Sawant, Shrishail Dhaware, Swanand Kesari, and Jaydeep Khajure See Contact
TR-20150102 Interior Ballistics I: A Basic Model for Energetics of a Projectile Launcher System Alok Sawant, Rahul Gandhi, and Rahul Gaikwad See Contact
TR-20130415 Noise Kernel for Self-similar Tolman Bondi Metric: Fluctuations on Cauchy Horizon Seema Satin, Kinjalk Lochan, and Sukratu Barve JournalarXiv
TR-20110705 Depletion of energy from naked singular regions during gravitational collapse S. Jhingan, I. H. Dwivedi, and Sukratu Barve. [137K pdf]
TR-20110224 Development and Analytical Treatment of 3-D Passive Mixromixer for Enhanced Microfluidics Reactions Suresh Gosavi, Aniket Tekawade, Dhananjay Bodas, Sukratu Barve, Laurent Robert, and Chantal Khan-Malek Proceedings
TR-20070518 Power-Law Persistence Characterizes Traveling Waves in Coupled Circle Maps with Repulsive Coupling Prashant M. Gade, D. V. Senthilkumar, Sukratu Barve, and Sudeshna Sinha [3.9M pdf]
TR-20070417 Rotating Cylindrical Collapse: An Example Sukratu Barve, Sanjay Jhingan, and A. R. Prasanna See Contact


Document Title Author/s Download
TH-20110218 Dynamical Phases and Related Phase Transitions in Coupled Map Lattices Abhijeet R. Sonawane [48K pdf]

Public Document/s

Document Title Author/s Download
PD-20180701 Master of Technology (M.Tech.) Programme in Modeling and Simulation 2018 Core Curriculum Team and Contributors [566K pdf]
PD-20160121 Master of Technology (M.Tech.) Programme in Modeling and Simulation 2016 Core Curriculum Team and Contributors [575K pdf]
PD-20120305 Master of Technology (M.Tech.) in Modeling and Simulation Abhay Parvate, Sukratu Barve, P. M. Gade, Dilip G. Kanhere, Sheelan Chowdhary, Deepak Bankar, and Anjali Kshirsagar [524K pdf]
PD-20070316 Centre for Modeling and Simulation: Excellence in Academics, Research, and Outreach (2003-07 Interim Report Submitted to the UGC) Dilip G. Kanhere, Mihir Arjunwadkar, Abhay Parvate, Sukratu Barve, and P. M. Gade [282K pdf]
[497K ps]
PD-20070223 Master of Technology (M.Tech.) Programme in Modeling and Simulation Mihir Arjunwadkar, Abhay Parvate, Sukratu Barve, P. M. Gade, and Dilip G. Kanhere [597K pdf]
[671K ps.gz]

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