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Technical Report/s

Document Title Author/s Download
TR-20130919 Transition to almost periodic patterns in circle map with delay: Persistence as order parameter Bhagat Lal Dutta, and Prashant M. Gade Journal
TR-20130711 Dynamic transitions in Domany-Kinzel cellular automata on small-world network Ashwini V. Mahajan, M. Ali Saif, and Prashant M. Gade [394K pdf]
TR-20110221 Dynamic Phase Transition from Localized to Spatiotemporal Chaos in Coupled Circle Map with Feedback Abhijeet R. Sonawane, and Prashant M. Gade arXivJournal
TR-20100706 Transition from Clustered State to Spatiotemporal Chaos in a Small-World Networks Ashwini V. Mahajan, and Prashant M. Gade [1.2M pdf]
TR-20091102 Dynamic Phase Transition in Prisoner's Dilemma on a Lattice with Stochastic Modifications M. Ali Saif, and Prashant M. Gade arXiv
TR-20090715 Prisoner's Dilemma with Semi-Synchronous Updates: Evidence for a First Order Phase Transition M. Ali Saif, and Prashant M. Gade [2.5M pdf]
TR-20090130 Effects of Introduction of New Resources and Fragmentation of Existing Resources on Limiting Wealth Distribution in Asset Exchange Models M. Ali Saif, and Prashant M. Gade [1.5M pdf]
TR-20070518 Power-Law Persistence Characterizes Traveling Waves in Coupled Circle Maps with Repulsive Coupling Prashant M. Gade, D. V. Senthilkumar, Sukratu Barve, and Sudeshna Sinha [3.9M pdf]
TR-20070501 Segregation of fractal aggregates grown from two seeds Deepak N. Bankar, Prashant M. Gade, A. V. Limaye, and A. G. Banpurkar [2.6M pdf]
TR-20070421 Emergence of Power Law in a Market with Mixed Models Prashant M. Gade, and M. Ali Saif [743K pdf]
TR-20061009 Synchronization in a Network of Model Neurons Maruthi Pradeep Kanth Jampa, Abhijeet R. Sonawane, Prashant M. Gade, and Sudeshna Sinha [167K pdf]
TR-20051213 Scaling and Universality in Transition to Synchronous Chaos with Local-Global Interactions Prashant M. Gade, and Chin-Kun Hu [228K pdf]
TR-20050927 How Crucial is Small World Connectivity for Dynamics? Prashant M. Gade, and Sudeshna Sinha [358K pdf]
TR-20050706 Dynamic Transitions in Small World Networks: Approach to Equilibrium Limit Prashant M. Gade, and Sudeshna Sinha [145K pdf]


Document Title Author/s Download
TH-20110218 Dynamical Phases and Related Phase Transitions in Coupled Map Lattices Abhijeet R. Sonawane [48K pdf]

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